Privacy Info

Hey you! Thanks for looking at our privacy info. We promise we’ll keep it short.

What data do we use and what for?

We don’t work with accounts or chat box functions. We don’t use such data. The only data we do use, is some necessary technical data. We obtain this data automatically if you visit our website. In the first place it concerns data to keep this website running properly. Also, we use your data to save your game progress. That way, you can continue playing when you come back. Furthermore, we use can use data in general to handle requests, for legal procedures, and for security and control.

Who has access?

Only the people that need access to your data, will have it. Within Poki, some masterminds need access to your data to make sure everything works properly. If a bug occurs, they fix it. Also, for some services, we ask other companies to help us out. We make sure such parties only use your data for our purposes.

We do not share your data in any other way. Other companies may not use your data for their own reasons.

How about security?

Protecting your data is very important to us. We therefore took several measures to prevent something bad from happening to your data. We for instance have security measures and documents in place. We also have trainings on how to obey the privacy rules.

Is my data used in other countries?

Probably: yes. All our Poki for Kids data is stored in the Netherlands. If you visit our website from another country, your data is exchanged between your country and the Netherlands.

For how long do you use my data?

We use your data not longer than six months. This period starts of again every time you visit our website. So: if you haven’t visited our website for over six months, we no longer have your data.

What are my rights?

You can always ask what data we have about you exactly. You can also ask us to delete your data or just store it without using it further. Also, if you think our data is mistaken, you can ask us to correct it. You can use our contact info below.

If you feel we do not use your data correctly, you can also complaint about this with an agency from the government. You can ask a grown-up to help you with this, or simply ask us.

How can I contact you?

We are Poki B.V., that is the legal name of our company. We are responsible for how we use your data. If you want to contact us, you can use our contact info below.

Phone: 0031 20 2800 870 (if you speak Dutch or English)
Spui 10 (street)
1012 WZ (postal code)
Amsterdam (city)
The Netherlands (country)