Version June 2021


The Poki Kids Website is dedicated to website visitors under the age of 16 years (“Website Visitors”) and provides a safe environment for such children. Poki is especially committed to protecting the privacy of these Website Visitors. This is explained in a simplified manner in our Privacy Info Kids document, in order to also be understandable for children. For parents or guardians that are interested in being informed on how Poki processes data of the Website Visitors in more detail, we’ve drafted this “Cookie Statement Parents” as well as the “Privacy Statement Parents”. These documents are designed to provide further transparency into Poki’s cookie practices and principles.

This Cookie Statement Parents applies to Website Visitors and sets out how cookies and similar technologies are used via (the “Poki Kids Website”). In addition, some background information on cookies and how you can manage cookie settings, is provided.

Poki B.V. (“Poki”, “we”, “our” or “us”) is involved with and responsible for the processing of a Website Visitor’s personal data via the Poki Kids Website. For more information on how Poki handles personal data in this regard and the relevant privacy rights, please be referred to the Privacy Statement Parents.

Please note that Poki may update this Cookie Statement Parents from time to time. If Poki makes significant changes, we will inform on this. You can of course also check this Cookie Statement Parents online to ensure that you are aware of the most updated version.

Please note that we determine the language of this Cookie Statement Parents based on the language settings of your browser. Via the country selector at the bottom of our website in the right corner, you can also select another country to view this statement in another language.


Cookies. Cookies are small bits of data that can be placed on a computer, tablet, smartphone or other electronic “device” with which a Website Visitor uses the internet via a web browser. When a website is visited, the website can place these cookies on a Website Visitor’s device via the web browser. Examples of web browsers are: Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome and Opera.

There are two different categories of cookies:

  1. First party cookies.Cookies which Poki places on a Website Visitor’s device for its own purposes.
  2. Third party cookies. Cookies placed by or for an external/third party (e.g. other company). Usually these are cookies for the purpose of advertisement (see below). However, Poki does not allow such cookies to be placed on the Poki Kids Website. The developers of the games are only under very strict conditions within the legal boundaries and in a privacy compliant and friendly manner, allowed to include the use of cookies in their game that are necessary for the functionality of a certain feature. For further information on this, please refer to our Privacy Statement Parents.

Purpose cookies. After a cookie is placed on a Website Visitor’s device, the device can be recognized as the Website Visitor browses through the Poki Kids Website via the same web browser. This will enable the Poki Kids Website to ‘remember’ a Website Visitor’s progress in a game.

For more information on cookies, please refer to the website

Lifecycle cookies. After a cookie is placed on a device, it is only valid for a certain period.

  1. Default period. After the validity period of a cookie passes, the cookie is automatically removed by the web browser. For local storage: Poki will make sure that it is removed after the time specified in the Cookie Table below.

    The validity period varies per cookie. For example, some cookies are only valid during the browser session. Other cookies can also recognize a device if the Website Visitor visits the Poki Kids Website during a new browser session, for example for half a year after being placed.

  2. Early deletion/refusal of cookies. You or the minor you represent can choose to delete a cookie manually before its validity period has passed. For more information on this, please see the section below: “How can cookies and cookie settings be managed?”.

Similar technologies. In addition to cookies, other techniques can also be used for similar purposes, such as HTML5 Local Storage. HTML5 Local Storage can be used for the same purposes as cookies. Below, when we speak of “cookie”, we also mean HTML5 Local Storage, unless we say otherwise.


Functional cookies. Poki only uses functional cookies on the Poki Kids Website.

Definition. Functional cookies are essential for the proper layout and navigation of a website. It concerns cookies (1) that are placed with the sole purpose of facilitating communication over an electronic communication network or (2) that are strictly necessary for providing the information-society service as requested.

No consent required. Functional cookies may be placed without consent.


Developer cookies. The developers of the games on our Poki Kids Website, can include the use of cookies in their game that are necessary for the functionality of or certain feature within their game, under very strict conditions within the legal boundaries and in a privacy compliant and friendly manner. They only use cookies to save the Website Visitor’s game progress such as to track how much points were earned during a game. Because Poki feels it is important that the Website Visitors’ data are also safe when they play a game, we took two measures. In the first place, we included contractual safeguards in our contracts with the Developers. In the second place, we’ve prepared this list of the cookies used by our game developers, categorized per game, to inform on behalf of the Developers. That way, it can be determined based on the games a Website Visitor plays, which cookies may be placed.

If you want to know more about any of the cookies used via our website, please feel free to contact us via


Browser settings. For most internet browsers it is possible to adjust the browser settings in such a way that the Website Visitor receives a warning before a cookie is placed. In most cases it is also possible to configure a browser to refuse all cookies or only third-party cookies. It is also possible to delete cookies which are already placed. Please keep in mind that it is necessary to adjust these settings separately on every different browser and device that is used.

Functioning of the Website. If cookies on our Poki Kids Website are blocked or deleted, it is possible the website or functions on this website do not work properly anymore.

How to change or delete cookie settings in your browser. You can find information in your browser settings on how to delete or change your cookie settings via your browser. For more information you can also use a search engine and, for example, type in the name of the browser you use + “change cookie settings” or “delete cookies”.

More information. Poki cares about privacy! Please consider carefully which web browser you use, or the minor you represent. Some browsers may benefit from sharing personal data, while others are completely independent. We advise to research the available web browsers and decide for yourself which browser best suits your interests. Please visit for information on the browser you use and more information on other browsers and browser settings.